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Nursing home residents are dependent on qualified staff for quality care, specifically the dispensing of prescription drugs. Vigilance and attention to detail are paramount when it comes to dosage levels and frequency. In placing your elderly or disabled loved one in the care of nursing home professionals, you trust them to attend to his or her medical and medication needs.

Medical malpractice attorney Janet Izzo, founder of the Izzo Law Office, employs all of her resources in holding nursing homes accountable for medication errors.

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Electronic medical records are meant to improve the accuracy in documenting a patient's prescription needs. Yet, advances in technology are of little help when communications break down between nursing home staff and pharmacists. The results are oversights on dosage frequency and a lack of medication reconciliation.

Medication reconciliation is important for all prescription drug users, but particularly for an elderly or disabled patient. The process compares a patient's medication orders to the medication currently taken. Reconciling transactions helps to avoid errors that can take the form of omissions, duplications, dosing mistakes, or dangerous drug interactions.

Nursing home staff must have a thorough knowledge of the prescription medication assigned to their residents. They must provide the proper dosage at the right time and monitor any side effects or allergies.

When they fall short in their most basic responsibilities, you need legal help to hold the facility accountable for your loved one's injuries.

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