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Hospital negligence is not always caused by carelessness, lack of training or incompetency. Injuries to patients can occur when the most skilled and experienced medical professionals fail to follow proper procedures.

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Hospitals are composed of various departments staffed with a wide variety of medical professionals. Negligent acts can occur anywhere, leaving a patient injured due to the following:

  • Emergency room malpractice — ERs are fast-paced environments where fast and informed decisions must be made. Errors or delays in treatment or triage can lead to serious and oftentimes fatal consequences.
  • Gastric bypass surgery errors — A surgical procedure meant to improve health sometimes results in more serious medical issues and death. Gastric bypass is often a last resort and must be performed by a properly trained and skilled surgeon.
  • Laparoscopic surgery errors — An alternative to an open surgical procedure, mistakes can occur before, during or after the surgery. The minimally invasive procedure has its share of risks when a probe essentially "goes in blind." Errors can lead to an injury not discovered until the surgery is over, leaving patients with severe and deadly infections.
  • da Vinci robotic surgeries — Advertised advantages to using the surgical robot include minimally invasive incisions, shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, and faster and less painful recoveries. Serious and sometimes fatal adverse events from robotic surgeries can still occur. Some may be the result of equipment malfunction or design defects, and others may be the result of inadequate training for the surgeons or operating room staff who use the robot. Injuries can include tears and perforations of organs, arteries and body tissue, burns, and even death.
  • Postoperative negligence — Oftentimes, a breakdown in communications between nurses and doctors can lead to postoperative complications. Failure to relay important information on infections or other problems puts patients' lives at risk.
  • Radiology errors — Many hospital negligence claims arise from a lesser-experienced tech conducting the X-ray and sending the results to the radiologist at another location. Results can be misinterpreted and information is not relayed.
  • Anesthesia errors — A certified nurse anesthetist simply cannot perform the same level of service as a professional anesthesiologist. Professionals who devote their entire career to this area of medicine know how their patients respond to various anesthetic drugs and potential side effects they may experience.

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