Syracuse Birth Injury Attorney

Quick, yet informative decisions must be made during the delivery of a newborn. Qualified obstetricians and other medical staff must be attentive and ready to respond to ever-changing conditions.

When a trusted physician fails to protect your health and the health of your baby, New York medical malpractice attorney Janet Izzo, founder of Izzo Law Office, pursues compensation for a child suffering serious, often permanent injuries.

Injuries to the newborn or fetus can be the result of pre-eclampsia, the use of forceps or vacuums to assist in delivery, breech presentation, fetal distress or abnormalities with the umbilical cord.

Securing Compensation For Cerebral Palsy Or Other Birth Injury

The Neurologically Impaired Infant's Fund (NIIF) was enacting to protect New York-based hospitals from devastating financial damages when a fetus or newborn suffers injury during a delivery. More importantly, the fund provides lifetime medical care for newborns with cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, or any other neurological injury.

By making compensation available, the NIIF can save a medical facility from bankruptcy. Children who can no longer meet important milestones in walking, talking, bathing and toilet training have the funds necessary for speech, physical and occupational therapy throughout their lives.

The process of filing a birth injury claim, however, remains the same. The lawsuit is filed and continues until a trial or settlement can be reached. Payment through the NIIF comes when we reach an agreement.

Potential Injury From A Delayed C-Section

A cesarean section is the delivery of a baby through an incision made through a mother's abdomen and uterus in order to deliver an unborn child. The procedure is usually performed when a vaginal birth would put the life of either the child or the mother at risk. Delaying that surgery can have dire consequences.

That doctor and his or her delivery team failed to notice signs of trouble during the labor or birth, failing to take immediate action to prevent injuries to the newborn. Waiting to perform a C-section can result in loss of oxygen and catastrophic brain damage.

When a C-section isn't performed, serious physical damage can result when a baby is pulled from the birth canal. The nerves in the neck and collarbone are stretched, ripped and torn ending in the diagnosis of Erb's palsy. These types of shoulder injuries can impact fine motor skills and in severe cases, the ability to use the affected arm. Simple tasks (reaching or tying shoes) that many take for granted become a challenge.

Discuss Your Child's Birth Injury With A Compassionate Attorney

An experienced birth injury lawyer in Syracuse will speak with you personally at a free initial consultation. You can either call Izzo Law Office at 315-421-1000 or toll free at 315-421-1000 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our online intake form.

We represent victims of birth injuries on a contingency basis, requiring no payment upfront, where you only pay us if we successfully recover on your behalf.