Syracuse Negligent Medical Treatment Lawyer

Medical treatment that fails to work or causes injury is not always the result of incompetence. Reliance on a doctor who specializes in one area will not lead to proper diagnoses and treatment of medical problems in other areas.

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Assuming control of your health is an important step if you are taking medication or suffering from a serious illness. Medical malpractice lawyer Janet Izzo will empower you and educate you on your options, should serious injuries result from negligent medical treatment, including:

  • Prescription/medication errors — Lack of experience and breakdowns in communication can lead to life-changing and life-ending errors. Prescribing the wrong medication or committing dosage errors for the right medication can result in serious side effects or death.
  • Negligent treatment of diabetes — Diabetes is a manageable disease with the right care and support. Improper management by a physician can result in serious health problems. That negligence requires those who suffer from the disease to empower themselves and assert their medical and legal rights.
  • Pediatric errors — Undiagnosed health problems involving children can lead to ongoing issues well into adulthood. The statute of limitations is 10 years or a child reaching majority. However, proactive legal action and medical care are vital to hold the negligent pediatrician accountable.
  • OB-GYN malpractice — Relying on an OB-GYN as your primary care doctor ignores the myriad medical needs that women of all ages have. Unlike general practitioners, specialists are limited in their skills and can fail to diagnose illnesses and diseases outside of their specific areas of practice.
  • Injuries from laser treatments — Laser surgery is a growing practice that is unregulated in the state of New York. Hair and tattoo removal can be done by anyone purchasing a device on the Internet and opening up a shop. Depending on how a "patient" will react to the treatment, burns and other damage to the skin can result.

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